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Wings tutorial (Homestuck)

In this tutorial we’re going to show you how we made our god tier wings, though you may use this for any kind of translucent wing.

There are basically pictures of Feferi’s wings (though some of them are Eridan’s since we took the photos whenever we remembered to do so), but well, both of them were done at the same time and in the same way.

Before we get started we believe it’s important to say that, even though the result looks great and it’s pretty comfortable, it takes a lot of time to make those wings (or  was it us since we’re pretty much newbies?).

Let’s get started~

1. Thick wire
2. Spray of the color of your wings
3. Organza fabric
4. Hot glue gun + silicone rods
5. Velcro (Hook-and-loop-tape)

1. Make a paper pattern with the desired shape because it makes it easier to try them on and see how they will look like and also to shape the wings so they are even.

2. Take the wire and shape it following the pattern. Make sure you flatten the wing, since this will make it easier to add the fabric afterwards. Start the wing from the inner part, the one where the other wing will be attached. Join the end of the wire curling it up, we added some tape to make it even and also to secure it. Don’t cut all the extra wire, leave some, since you’ll need it later on.

3. Spray the wire so even if it can be seen through the fabric it won’t stand out.

Note: It took us forever to get the right shape…You don’t need as much extra wire as in the picture, 15-20 cm is enough. If you leave more wire than needed it’ll be more difficult to handle the wings and to sew the fabric.

4. Time for the organza. It’s a beautiful fabric, but it tends to fray and wrinkle. Put the fabric on a flat surface and place the wing on it. Draw the outline and cut the fabric following the shape. It’s okay even if it doesn’t come up exactly the same.

Note 1: That’s the sheer organza.

Note 2: You need to cut leaving some space on the edge.

5. Once you’ve cut the fabric, take the silicone and glue the organza to the wire. Be patient since it’s pretty easy to make silicone globs. We glued the fabric slowly, slightly rolling it up to the wire and flatting it up with a toothpick.

Note: Here you can see how the fabric looks once it’s been glued and also the globs we were talking about. Don’t worry if you also get globs, later on we’ll  conceal them. We hope you don’t get as burnt with the silicone as we did.

Note: A lot of people interpret the god tier wings differently than we do, that’s to say: They make the edges translucent and the inside duller. We did it the other way around, which let us make the edges darker so we could camouflage better the wire and the silicone globs :=B

6. Time to add the drawings of the wing. Make a paper pattern; try it on the wings and when you think it’s alright cut it on the fabric leaving some space on the edges just as you did before. Now fold the edge and iron it, put it on the wing, baste it and finally sew it.

Note: By folding the edges of the fabric you can avoid it from fraying without needing to top it off with silicon or anything like that. Also, it makes a darker edge so the drawing stands out more.

7. Let’s start with the flange:

A: Make a long textile strap about 6cm wide (or however you like, just take into account that you’ll have to fold it into four parts). If you don’t have enough fabric, just sew different straps between them, at the end it won’t stand out too much.

B. Fold the straps in half and iron them.

C. Fold both parts of the straps to the inside so when you sew them they stay unseen.

D. When you have the whole strap finished, you only have to sew it around the wing. This step takes a lot of time so take it easy.

Note 1: Those may not be the best pictures to explain the flanges part, but the black wire is supposed to simulate the wire of the wing, although at this point it already has the fabric…Well, the point is that the strap is sewed taking both sides of the wing.

Note 2: When you get to the part where there’s the extra wire, just poke a hole into the fabric and put some transparent nail polish so it won’t fray.

8. Now it’s time to attach the wings between them. Try the wings on to see which distance suits your needs and shape the extra wire into two hooks. We added a little bit of silicone at the end of the wire so it wouldn’t’ be an inconvenience (or rip the fabric). Take a piece of fabric or some random strap and try it one once more to see which distance fits you best  on the upper part. Make two straps like the ones you made for the flange of the wings with the desired distance. These ones will have to be wider, specially the one you’ll use to cover the wire which joins the wings. If you do this part like this you’ll be able to fold your wings, which will make it easier to handle them and also to store them afterwards c:

9. Now the restraint system. There are people that just fasten the wings by the neck; we prefer to do so and also around the waist. Take a strap or some string and attach it with pins to the edges of the wing where you put the top strap (the one without wire inside), try it on your neck and fix the measurement. Afterwards measure your waist and make one more strip to make a belt, sew a piece of Velcro on each edge of the strap and it’s done. Sew both straps to the wings as you can see in the drawing below.  Once you’ve done this, take some string and tie it to both straps, this will help tighten the wings and it will also prevent you from being strangled.

Note 1: When you make the strap for the neck you have to take into account how wide is the neck of your shirt or hood, because the wider the opening, the longer you’ll have to make the strap so it won’t be seen.

Note 2: If you’ve got boobs, you will most likely look like some anime girl. We don’t have any explanation for the 90’s (?) anime’s wrinkles on the t-shirt, we didn’t think their existence was even possible.

10. And lastly, to put the strap around the waist we recommend opening two holes on the back of the t-shirt.


Ask us if you’ve got any questions, we’re not so good at making tutorials and English is not our first language u_____u

Here you have the Spanish version on this blog.

And also the tumblr version of this post.

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